About Landon Lemoine

Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s historic capitol, Landon experienced first-hand how the comforts of tradition give way to the promise of progress and bolster community identity to create positive change for those overlooked. Raised by a hard-working middle-income family with progressive, people-first learning styles, Landon was taught to engage with and listen to others.

From a young age, Landon’s mother, a public school teacher for twenty-two years, taught him the importance of understanding alternate perspectives and speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. This, paired with his father’s naval background and bootstrapped metal fabrication business, taught Landon both the compassion to understand many sides of complex issues and the grit to follow through when combating them. After all, solutions can only be discovered by those who live the problems every day.

Landon’s instinctive sense of public service and curiosity for problem solving came from more than just his parents. He gets his “Cajun fight” from a grandfather who directed the metro city news station, and a great-grandfather who served as Fire Chief. Cultural inclusivity, community tradition, and innovation are ingrained in his DNA.

Though his education began in New York, where he even fulfilled his childhood dream of interning at The Late Show with David Letterman, Boston would eventually become Landon’s home. The culture, community and family he’s grown to adore and admire over the last decade in District 8 have made running for Boston City Council a no-brainer.

First as a college student, and now an entrepreneur, community member, young professional, taxpayer, and voter in District 8, Landon has been steeped in the challenges and opportunities all members of this district face. He has built his career by challenging the status quo and innovating to solve real problems experienced by many. Armed with his private sector tech industry knowledge, he has most recently begun affecting change as a member of the Back Bay Neighborhood Association.

Landon believes that community growth must be based on equality, empowerment, and affordable options for the diverse citizens of District 8. He has mixed innovation and tradition his whole life and will continue to do so in City Hall so that the people and organizations of this great district can thrive with the city around them.