Red Line fails when a train derails

Universal HUB - June 11, 2019

“One shuttle for hundreds of people isn’t going to work. @MBTA @universalhub” - Landon Lemoine


S.R.O Crowd Turns Out for D8 Forum

The Fenway News - June, 2019

“Landon Lemoine, a member of the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay, advocated decreasing the gap in affordable housing and said he believes in talking to people who experience problems every day. He also said that teachers need to be paid a living wage.”


District 8 Candidates Talk Affordable Housing, Education, Traffic at Forum

Beacon Hill Times - May 31, 2019

“Lemoine believes that the way the Area Median Income (AMI) is calculated needs to be rethought, as it currently includes students and international investors who are “parking their money here,” which skews the data towards a higher AMI. He also believes that builders need to be incentivized to build units that are affordable.”


The former state GOP chair is running for office... in Boston

The Boston Globe - May 10, 2019

“‘While I welcome Ms. Nassour into this race, it is troubling that she is trying to hide her past as chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party,’ said Landon Lemoine, a member of the Back Bay Neighborhood Association. ‘I have been campaigning on the idea that community growth and progress must be based on equality, inclusivity, and empowerment, and our message has been resonating.’”


City Council candidates share their goals, hopes for election

The Daily Free Press - May 4, 2019

“Landon Lemoine, another candidate for District 8…would focus on addressing ‘real problems with real solutions’ and highlight ‘community innovation.’ Specifically, Lemoine…would focus on streamlining the city government to make sure all residents of Boston had equal access to the city’s resources.”


Vacancies spur city council candidates

The Bay State Banner - April 10, 2019

“Vying for the District 8 seat to be vacated by Zakim are community activist Hélène Vincent, who works for a foreign language immersion program; 2018 challenger and businesswoman Kristen Mobilia, president of the Historic Fenway Garden Society; affordable housing advocate Priscilla MacKenzie Bok and Landon Lemoine, a vice president at a health care startup firm.”


Zakim Not Seeking Re-election Three Candidates’ Campaigns Are in Full Swing

Beacon Hill Times - March 29, 2019

“Landon Lemoine said he is “very excited” to get his campaign off the ground. He said he’s also been doing some door knocking of his own, as well as going to local events and people’s homes to listen to how they think things can be done better. “They want change and they want people to think beyond just the next month,” he said—they’re thinking about the future of the neighborhood.”


Boston: Unanimous opposition to MBTA fare hike at public hearing - March 2, 2019

“Lemoine told the meeting, ‘The crisis that’s happening in this city is the widening wage gap. It is becoming so hard to survive and live in this city with a normal job. Increasing the cost to get to that job is the complete opposite of what we need as a solution.’”


From Baton Rouge to Boston: Lemoine Joins Race for District 8 City Council

Beacon Hill Times - February 14, 2019

“Lemoine was raised in Baton Rouge by a public school teacher and a bootstrapped metal-fabrication business owner. He said that his parents instilled in him early on a “roll up your sleeves” kind of attitude and to help those who may not have the same opportunities.”