Affordable Housing & Development

Affordable Options & Financial Security

It is no secret to Boston residents that the cost of living is continuing to increase for both renters and home owners year after year. Our city may be experiencing significant economic growth, but the affordable housing options is not keeping up with the ever-changing city. Families who have lived in their communities for generations are facing the possibility of being displaced. Existing renters lack protections against high annual increases. For those looking to become homeowners, only 2.3% of new construction will be truly affordable. There are not enough resources for those who need assistance with housing. It is vital that our District 8 members feel financially secure in their current homes, and that those who want to join our District are able to do so through reasonable, affordable options.  

New Construction & Updating Infrastructure

Every few months, we are seeing a new building enter the Boston skyline. When this occurs in District 8, I believe that any new construction should also serve those who are currently living in it. This could be established through new open green spaces, and incentives for local business owners and access for residents in the neighborhood. New We can also work harder towards ensuring that with any new housing project, a real percentage of units are dedicated as affordable options.

In addition, it is important that any new construction or updates to the housing infrastructure do not compromise the rich history and aesthetic of the District. Today, zoning and regulation in the city increase costs by 30% and in many cases, drag out the completion of projects for decades. This does not serve the needs of our district, and distracts from the vibrant culture of the neighborhood.

It is my goal to provide a balance of housing development and preservation in our community.