Community Innovation

What is Community Innovation?

Community Innovation is at the heart of this campaign. I am committed to bringing new ideas to city council, and to push the envelope on new solutions that will benefit District 8. When I think of innovation for District 8, I think of clear safe biking lanes, an equal portion of city contracts going toward minority and women owned businesses, a common sense budget for our eroding infrastructure, and a method of process at City Hall that is streamlined and easier for residents of Boston.

New technology can be utilized to address poor neighborhood safety and an aging infrastructure. As a community, I plan to work and identify what District 8 is struggling to keep pace with, and find new solutions for them together.

Why is this important?

Community Innovation is more than introducing and implementing new ideas to the area we reside, it is about engaging with its members and allowing them to feel empowered to improve their neighborhood. 

For our community to put our best ideas forward, all members from every generation, social, racial and economic background must have a seat at the table. I have witnessed first hand, from when my childhood community was impacted by natural disasters, what happens when community members feel empowered to lean in and establish change. As a City Council member, I will bring that empowerment to all community members, so we can develop solutions that address our district's wants and needs long term.